Are you looking for something different than Bounce Houses and Clowns to make your next social gathering the party of the year. Then look no further than ALPHA DOG ENTERTAINMENT.
We are the leading edge of todays Family Fun Mobile Entertainment with our Paintless Paintball / Laser Tag System. Serving the Champaign-Urbana and surrounding Illini Area. We can make your next Indoor or Outdoor social gathering the talk of the town.

ALPHA DOG ENTERTAINMENT is fun for all ages 7 and up.  We keep the party changing with scenario games such as Capture The Flag, Team Domination, Last Man Standing, T.A.R.G.E.T and more. 

ALPHA DOG ENTERTAINMENT can make any event from Birthday Parties, Family Reunions, Greek Days, Company Outings, Church Lock-Ins, Post Proms, and Home Town Festivals, something to talk about.  If you are having a party we can make it a PARTY. 
Our Low Prices can accomodate any pocket book and any size party.  We don't limit the amount of people that can be at your party and can accomodate up to 480 players within a two hour time limit. With all players getting to play at least one game each. The smaller the party the more play time your guest will get.  We also have a Pay-by-Play option to accomodate all Home Town Festivals and larger all day events.  We can also accommodate Fundraisers with our very special Fundraising Package that was put together specifically for organizations to optimize their fundraising efforts. 

Contact us today to add Laser Tag to your next event.

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