What We Can Do For You

Let Us Make Your Party One That No One Will Forget!!

Are the Bounce Houses and Magicians not cutting it any more, then call us. Our Leading Edge technology Tactical Laser Tag / Paintless Paintball System powered by ICOMBAT will leave your Friends and Guest breathless and wanting more.  

Unlike those systems that require a dark indoor facility with flashing strobes or the blowup spaceships that limit your player activities.  ALPHA DOG ENTERTAINMENT MOBILE LASER TAG can set up a tactical laser tag battlefield anywhere; Day or Night, Indoors or Outdoors. With Game scenarios like BioHazard, Safe Cracker, VIP, Zombie Survival, it is as if you jumped into a live action video game.  

Depending on the type of event we will customize our operations to best accommodate your event.

Private Tactical Laser Tag Parties / Post Prom / Church Lock-Ins / Bachelor Parties and More

Our team will arrive at your party location and setup a complete Laser Tag battlefield customized by your location.  We require a minimum space of one basketball court length and width for a enjoyable field setup.  Once setup is complete, our professionally trained team leaders will take full control of your party and run your games for you. All you have to do is play Laser Tag and Have fun.  Our Team Leader will change the scenarios to keep the games flowing based on age group and players satisfaction.  Scenarios played can consist of Capture the Flag, Team Domination, Safe Cracker, Biohazard and more.  Games are always changing and new ones are being developed and improved.  Our 2 hour 12 Laser Tag Marker Private parties start as low as $275. Want MORE???Book our 18 Laser Tag Marker or even our 24 Laser Tag Marker packages for the ultimate laser tag battle.  

Festivals / Carnivals / Kid Zone Expos

We offer two options for Hometown Festivals, Carnivals and Expos

Option 1 - Pay Per Play
Our Team will arrive at your Festival and setup a Laser Tag battlefield that will be extremely enjoyed by all ages.  We will run 3-5 min games of Shoot-out and we would charge your public to play with no cost to you or your organization.

Option 2 - Buy Out
Our Buy Out option is the same as the above Pay Per Play Option with the only change would be that the hourly cost of the setup would be your or your organizations responsibility and there would be no charge to your public


We offer a fundraising package that is set to best optimize your fundraising potential.  Depending on your fundraiser will depend how we run the games.  We can do tournament operations or festival operations. Contact us today for details.